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Rhonda M. JordanHello to all of you reading my blog.  My name is Rhonda Jordan and I am a network marketing entrepreneur.  I hope that you will stop by often as I will be sharing a variety of topics that will help you build a successful MLM or network marketing business.

I have seventeen (17) years of experience in this industry and have helped many people earn additional income by starting part-time direct sales businesses.  I look forward to helping you as well by passing along the strategies that I have learned over the years.


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Rhonda Jordan

I started off building my business part-time and was ultimately able to replace my full time income as a corporate accountant.  One of things that I enjoy most about what I do is training other people to build successful businesses using both online and offline marketing strategies.

Back when I first got started in the industry, people were using the Internet primarily for sending emails and the business was built “belly to belly.”  Now if you’re not using Internet marketing, you are really missing out on lots of opportunities to grow your business 24/7.

With my blog posts, I’ll be sharing a lot of useful information to help you grow your business efficiently.  Additionally, I will also teach you how to generate your own leads using My Personal Lead Generation Strategy, how to brand yourself and what it takes to position yourself as a leader in the direct sales industry.

Rhonda Jordan


I’ll also be sharing with you a number of success principles that have been taught to me by my many mentors over the years.  Add my blog to your “Favorites” and recommend it to your friends and team members so they can learn my strategies along with you.

I’m glad that I had the opportunity to introduce myself.  In future blog entries, I will be sharing a number of techniques that I use to build my business.  Additionally, since I love to train people I will also be blogging about a variety of topics that serious MLM’ers and network marketing professionals must master in order to build successful businesses.

So whether you are looking at MLM for the first time or you are a seasoned network marketing professional, I hope you’ll visit my blog often.  My goal is to add value to your business and put money in your bank account.

Until next time, have an awesome day!

Rhonda Jordan

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  1. I have known Rhonda since the 7th grade, and she is a very intelligent, honest and hard working person. I tried to copy all of my answers for tests from her paper, and not only did she prevent me from doing it, she told me to study myself and it ended up making me a better person. Seriously, she is of the highest quality of people there is, and I would encourage anyone to hire her services.

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