A Waiora Review You Must Read

Waiora ReviewWhy Read This Waiora Review

If you are reading this Waiora review you are probably researching the company to learn as much as you can before deciding to partner with them.  You may also be in the direct sales industry and looking for another company.

Either way, you’ll want to read this review before making a decision to partner with the company. I am not a Waiora distributor, so you can be sure that what you’ll be reading is an unbiased review.

Company Overview

Waiora was founded in 2004 by a small group of people with more than 130 years of experience between them in the direct selling and healthy living industries. The founders believe that the average person needs a way to participate in the growing global economy.

Their goal is to combine the healthy living market and word of mouth marketing channel to create a great new global company that could truly help people rediscover their youth, health and future dreams.

 Product Overview

Waiora has nutritional products, weight management products.  One of their  products provides more than 150 life-essential nutrients in a ‘one shot a day’ product-providing 100 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of the vitamins and minerals that are critical to health.

To date, this is the only company with an activated, liquid zeolite product that detoxifies the body by eliminating the toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to every day. It is also the only company that has a patented Agaricus Blazei hybrid mushroom-a revolutionary immune enhancer that is so potent; it is being studied by the National Institutes of health.


Waiora’s Compensation Plan

Their compensation plan includes three components:

  • Immediate income – From retail sales
  • Residual income – From every reorder each month of your team’s production up to 9 compressed levels
  • Monthly Bonuses – At the Ruby, Emerald and Diamond levels, you can earn income on the sales volumes of every team in the country

What It Takes To Succeed In Waiora

The people that build large teams make money. Your success in the company is going to depend on the number of people that you can recruit to become representatives and the number of people that become customers and order product each month.

You will also need to become comfortable with public speaking and develop your leadership skills.  Additionally, you will need to gain knowledge of the network marketing industry so that you can be an effective leader in the company.  Doing all of these things will help you develop your team and help them grow into the leadership roles of Ruby, Emerald and Diamond.

What Waiora Leaders Won’t Tell You

What I’ve learned is reps are still taught to use outdated MLM recruiting methods (i.e. contacting your warm market) to build their businesses.  The reality is the old school methods just don’t work because people run out of their “warm market” contacts quickly and then their business suffer or die.

If you are considering building a Waiora business and want to have success, it’s important to have a consistent number of  INTERESTED people that you can approach about your business.  The best way to do that is to incorporate internet marketing into your recruiting strategy.  Online marketing and recruiting strategies will help you generate leads for your business.

Want to Learn How to Generate Leads For Your Business?

If you are considering partnering with the company, I highly recommend that you incorporate Internet marketing into your recruiting strategy so that you can learn to generate your own leads. Check out my Waiora Online Lead Generation and Training Program to learn the same marketing and recruiting strategies that I use to build my business.


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