A Visalus Review From An Unbiased Third Party

Why Should You Read This Visalus Review?


If you are reading this review, you may be researching Visalus to learn more about the company and opportunity in an attempt to decide if it’s a good fit for you. You may also be in the direct sales industry and currently searching for a new company. No matter how you’ve found this review, you’ve come to the right place to learn the facts about the company.

I want to state up front that I am not a Visalus representative, but know many who are.  I also have twenty years of network marketing experience and have evaluated a lot of companies over the years.  In order to provide an accurate evaluation of the company, I have gathered information from discussions with some of the company’s representatives that I mentor and my own independent research using a variety of internet resources.  Therefore, you can feel confident that the information presented will be completely unbiased.

Company Overview

Visalus began operations in 2005 and is based in Troy, MI.  The company was founded on three principles which also happen to define it’s name: Life, Health and Prosperity.  Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen and Nick Sarnicola are the co-founders of the the company. The “Body by Vi 90-day Challenge” encourages people to make their health a priority for at least 90 days.  Participants incorporate the use of the company’s nutritional products and exercise with goals of getting healthy, losing weight or just to get fit.


Product Overview

The company has a variety of nutritional products that are packaged in “kits.”  Body by Vi participants select one of the five (5) kits based upon what their fitness goals happen to be to be used during the 90 day challenge.  Additionally, other Visalus products include energy drinks, immunity support, anti-aging, weight management, mini-meals, nutritional shakes, etc.



Visalus Compensation Plan

There are three (3) ways to become a Visalus distributor: 1) purchase a basic distributor kit for $49, 2) purchase an executive success system for $499 (which comes with several of the company’s products) or 3) purchase an Executive Success System + samples which has a start up cost of $999.  In order to earn several of the bonuses offered through the Visalus compensation plan, you must enroll at the ESS level or higher.

Reps can earn income from a variety of sources including first order bonuses, weekly fast start bonuses (and generational overrides), personal customer commissions, team commissions and car allowances.  Additionally, the company offers compensation from the leadership pool, rising star enroller’s pool, as well as the ambassador star bonus from Vi-Net subscriptions.

What It Takes To Succeed in Visalus

Visalus is definitely a viable business opportunity and people can and do make money. Your success will depend on the number of people that you recruit to become reps and the number of customers you and your team acquires that order the company’s products regularly.  You also must develop leadership skills and knowledge of the network marketing industry so that you can train and develop your team members.

What Visalus Won’t Tell You

Most Visalus reps still use traditional MLM recruiting methods (i.e. contacting your warm market) to build their businesses.  The challenge with this is most people will run out of their warm market pretty fast or just won’t feel comfortable contacting them because of previous experience with another MLM company.  Unfortunately, once most people run out of people they know, their businesses slow down or stop completely.

If you are considering building a Visalus business and want to have success, you must have a lot of PROSPECTS that you can approach about your business.  I can tell you from personal experience that your warm market list will not be large enough to sustain your business building efforts long-term.  That’s why I learned to use online marketing and recruiting strategies to build my business and provide me with an unlimited number of people to talk to that are actually looking for an opportunity.

Interested in Generating Leads For Your Visalus Business?

I teach network marketers to use Internet marketing strategies and techniques that will work regardless of the company they are affiliated with. If you are considering partnering with Visalus, I highly recommend that you incorporate online marketing as part of your recruiting efforts. It will give you a leg up on your competition.

All the best to you,





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