Squidoo: The Down and Dirty Tutorial

squidooWhat is Squidoo?

Squidoo is a free user based website creation platform.  It is a very user friendly platform that allows users to create sites on very specific topics of interest.  They began accepting content from users in 2006 and is on the list of the top 100 websites in the United States.

The company’s tagline is “Everyone’s is an expert (on something).  As a result, the content on Squidoo is all user supplied.  One of the things that I think is really great about Squidoo is that a lot of money is generated for charities and the users that supply the content via lenses.

What are Lenses?

Squido pages are based upon a concept called lenses which are similar to blog posts; but they are concentrated on very specific topics. A lens is really just one person’s view or opinion on a particular topic.

Each user is called a lensmaster and adds additional lenses to their site as they add more information about their particular topic.  Just a few of the benefits of Squidoo are that it is free to use, it can be used to drive traffic and create revenues.

Why Use Squidoo?

First and foremost, people use Squidoo because it’s free.  Secondly, they use it because it is excellent for driving traffic and generating income.  Many free website platforms do not allow users to promote products and services, much less allow users to add banner ads. 

In case you aren’t familiar with banner ads, they are small advertisements that are posted on websites and Squidoo lenses. When the banner ads are clicked, the lensmaster earns extra cash.  It’s especially nice to work with a platform where you will not be in jeopardy of having your site deleted or your account banned because of advertising. 

People also use Squidoo because it allows them to become an expert marketer.  They allow users to operate their sites for affiliate marketing, and to evaluate a niche to judge how effectively they can develop a customer base.  The site also gives users the opportunity to market and sell products to site visitors.  Additionally, it is used to drive traffic to a particular site; and to get the attention of a targeted market.


squidoo lens

Drive Traffic To Your Primary Website

Squidoo is an excellent option for driving traffic to a money sites.  First of all, because it is dedicated to such a specific topic, users can be sure they are receiving viewers who are truly interested in their products or services, thereby gaining customers intent on purchasing their products. 

Second, it helps to drive traffic via link juice that can be added using article marketing techniques.  Finally, it helps to drive traffic to your site through its ability to increase your backlinks to your money site.

Prohibited Topics

There are some topics that are not allowed.  First, sites that contain duplicate content or that are not useful to the general public are not allowed.  Next, sites that create violations of laws and policies are not allowed.  Third, topics that have earned a less than desirable reputation including those that are possibly apart of an affiliate scheme not allowed.  Consequently, the best way to determine if your topic is acceptable is to ask yourself:

  1. Is there duplicate content on my lens?
  2. Is the purpose of my lens to simply push an affiliate program?
  3. Is my topic truly interesting to me and others?
  4. Do I truly have personal experience with the topic?

After answering these questions, you should be able to determine if your topic will be acceptable as a lens.

Why You Should Become A Lensmaster

If you are serious about branding yourself becoming a lensmaster and writing lenses is a great way to get started.  All that you have to do is write a short article 500-700 words on something that you are familiar with and use that as the content for your first lens.  Once you get the first one up, don’t stop there – keep adding more lenses to create an Internet presence for yourself.

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