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Social Media DVD'sFor 14 years, I built my network marketing business almost exclusively offline.  Last year,  I finally decided it was time to learn more about how I could use social media to help me build my business. Like most people, I have a Facebook account and I Tweet a little, but I had no idea how much social media could help me to build my business.

I kept hearing about how people were getting leads and growing businesses just by using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so I decided it was time for me to learn more.

I have a mentor that has really mastered online marketing so when I heard he was going to be teaching a 4 week webinar, I immediately registered to take his course. The mentor that I am referring to is Dwayne Johnson. He has used online methods to build a very successful business and I was happy that he was willing to share some of his most closely guarded business building secrets.

So in November 2010, I took the course and began my journey to learn how to use social media for business.  I figured even if I walked away with one or two ideas that would help me build my home based business, the course would pay for itself. Well, not only did I learn a few things, I learned a lot!

To name a few, I learned proper business acumen on social media sites, what to say and what not to say when posting on Facebook or Twitter, how to properly brand myself and how to move from asking for business to attracting business.  I am grateful that I took this class and avoided making so many of the rookie mistakes that many people marketing online make.

Rhonda Jordan

I even learned how to build a terrific looking website that cost me absolutely nothing and is now generating leads on a daily basis. I have learned how to use video marketing in conjunction with YouTube and several other video submission websites that I didn’t even know existed! I also have in place a capture page, a lead tracking tool and an auto-responder to stay in contact with my prospects.

What I love most is that everything he taught was simple to understand and easy to implement. Case in point, I’m no website architect, but I was able to build a website and it didn’t take very long. I have also grabbed the number one spot on Google for my name by branding myself and a few other keywords. I am so glad that I took Dwayne’s social media class because in less than eight months, it is already helped me build a strong online presence.

If you are interested in the course, it’s now available on DVD. Here’s the link to get more information: The Social Media DVDs.  I highly recommend that you check out the DVDs if you are interested in learning more about online marketing or becoming a better online marketer.

I wish you all the best in your social media and other business endeavors!


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