Why Quitting Your MLM Business Is Not An Option

Rhonda Jordan Quitting Your MLM Business Is Not An Option

When you begin a network marketing or MLM business, you are asked to determine your “Why” or reason for starting your own business. Most people can very quickly identify their WHY because it is generally someone or something that they love dearly.

Your “Why” is what gets you started and will keep you going when things get tough. Network marketing is very simple, but not easy. The reason it is not easy is because we deal with people and emotions (both theirs and our own). When we become frustrated or get our feelings hurt because of something that was said to us or about us, it is easy to allow the thought of quitting to enter our minds.

The difference between those who are successful and those who aren’t is how long we let the thought of quitting stay on our minds. Those who have decided to be successful will ponder the thought of quitting for a nanosecond, while those who haven’t will let thoughts of quitting their MLM business enter their minds often and linger.

Some Harsh Facts To Consider:

  • Jobs are being eliminated at a record pace
  •  8.4 million jobs lost during the recession are gone forever and
  •  We have moved from a W-2 world to a 1099 world as more companies begin to use contractors

What this all means is: “You Need a Plan B!”  You can no longer put your family’s future in the hands of the company that currently employs you. In today’s economic climate, you must have more than one source of income and starting a MLM business is a great way to generate additional income.

Rhonda JordanThe MLM Reality Check:

  •  Your MLM business is based on a 3-5 year game plan (it will not happen overnight)
  •  Failure is a necessary part of success
  •   Managing your emotions (don’t get too excited or disappointed) will keep you moving toward your goals
  •   Your “Why” is counting on you!
  •  What else can you do (that will be any easier) that can give you both time and the ability to create generational wealth?

How To Stay Focused:

  • Have a strong WHY (a reason for succeeding in your MLM business)
  • Find a mentor and stay in close contact with them
  • Allow yourself to be held accountable
  • Never compare the success you are having with another person (This is HUGE!)
  • Have realistic expectations on how long it will take to achieve your goals
  • Have an ongoing lead source that you can use to build your mlm business
  • Stay in “Phase 1” (actively prospecting and recruiting) of the network marketing cycle

Focus on Personal Development

Another very important component of building a successful MLM business is personal development.  You must commit to reading books, listening to CD’s and MP3″s and attending seminars that focus on developing you.  All successful people have the commitment to personal development as a common trait. 

I recommend an hour per day of personal development.  If you don’t have time to read, listen to CD’s or MP3’s in your car on your way to and from work or while running errands. Another way, when you are working on your computer, have a personal development CD or MP3 playing.  The more you commit to personal development, the less likely you are to quit.

If you commit to the things mentioned above, you will not quit your MLM business and any thoughts of quitting will last only a nanosecond. Make a bold statement that “Quitting Is Not An Option” and get busy making your dreams come true!

Wishing you massive success,

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