The MLM Recruiting Process

RecruitingMLM Recruiting Is Necessary

In MLM, recruiting is a necessity if you want to succeed in the industry.  There is no way around this. Many people who join network marketing companies don’t fully understand this concept.  Selling only the products or services will not get you to the top of your company.

The heavy hitters and top earners in the network marketing industry are successful because they have built large teams.  You have to become good at recruiting in order to build a large team.  If you want to make a significant income and achieve a top position in your company, you must master the MLM recruiting process.


Recruiting Is A Contact Sport

In talking to new reps, I will sometimes find that they are initially uncomfortable talking to people about their new business for a variety of reasons.  Some are concerned about what people will say or what other people will think of them.  Others are just uncomfortable talking to people they don’t know.  Let’s face it, to make it in this business you are going to have to talk to people and tell them about your opportunity!

One thing I see often is people would rather send emails or text messages in an attempt to recruit others.  These techniques are not effective.  MLM is a people business.  You need to make personal contact and email or text messages just won’t cut it. This business is best built using personal contact.  Remember, people join people not email or text messages.

 The MLM Recruiting Process

I like to keep things simple and since many people are visual learners, I’ll use a picture to illustrate the MLM recruiting process.  I learned this process about 14 years ago and I’ve been using it every since.  It’s easy to understand and very simple to teach to your team members.  Most people are familiar with baseball, so I’ll be using a baseball diamond to explain the MLM recruiting process.

First Base

This is where you will provide a small amount of information in order to find out if you potential business partner has any interest in your opportunity.  Let them listen to a short prerecorded call or provide them with an opportunity overview brochure.  The point is to give them a little information and to find out if they have an interest in learning more.

After your prospect has viewed or listened to the preliminary information, ask them if they are interested in learning more.  If they say yes, the next step (second base) is to let them view additional information that provides more details on your company and opportunity.

 Second Base

Once the prospect has expressed an interest in getting more information, I generally provide a link to a prerecorded webinar or Internet presentation.  I may also provide a magazine or invite them to a private business reception which is another term for a home meeting.  This allows the potential partner to get additional information and get their questions answered.

Third Base

After they have viewed a company presentation, now it’s time for them to speak with your upline via a three way call.  Some people suggest doing a three way call right up front, but to me that’s not efficient.  I believe that having the potential partner see the business overview and then do a three way call is a better use of your upline’s time.  This way your upline is spending time with interested people that they can help you close.

MLM Recruiting Advice

You should have numerous prospects in your MLM recruiting pipeline at all times.  Some people will be on first base, others on second and yet others on third base.  What this does is prevent you from holding on to one person in the hopes that they will join your opportunity.

When you hold on to a single prospect you begin to project “need” to your potential partners.  If you have numerous prospects at all times, you’ll never operate your business with “lack mentality.”  My advice to you is to learn this process and teach it to your team. Finally, keep the bases loaded and swing for the fences!

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