MLM Prospecting: Secret Strategies Used by Top Earners

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If you want to succeed in network marketing you have to master MLM prospecting.  There is no way around this.  The reality is top earners have achieved their positions  because they have mastered certain secret strategies that allow them to always have their prospect pipelines full.

MLM prospecting is pretty simple, it’s just not easy.  Now I know this sounds like a contradiction so let me explain. The strategies and techniques are not complicated to understand, but human nature gets in the way of us implementing them.  The “not easy” part happens when we want to talk about ourselves versus letting the prospect do the talking or we attempt to go right from meeting someone to recruiting them.  Top earners know that you must first build rapport before you can begin recruiting a prospect.

Here are some of the top secret MLM prospecting techniques and strategies used by top earners

1. Use A Compliment To Start A Conversation

When you run into a stranger that you would like to approach about your network marketing company, the easiest conversation opener is a simple compliment.  Limit your compliment to accessories or articles of clothing i.e. compliment their tie, handbag, scarf, watch, eye glasses, etc.  I suggest that you only compliment accessories so that it is not perceived as being too personal or inappropriate.

Most people will be flattered by the compliment, will smile and say thank you.  Usually the compliment is enough to get a prospect to have a short conversation with you so that you can establish rapport.

2.  Ask Follow Up Questions

In order to establish rapport, ask your prospect a few follow up questions.  Here are a few questions that have worked well for me:  a) Are you originally from this area?  b) What caused you to move to (name of your city)?  c) Why did you decide to pursue (their line of work)?

3.  Ask Open Ended Questions

More specifically, ask questions that get the prospect to talk about themselves.  Why?  Because most people’s favorite subject is themselves – that’s just a fact.  I suggest that you focus on three major areas:  family, occupation and recreation.  Most people love to talk about their accomplishments, their job, hobbies, their family life and especially their children.

Top earners know this and have mastered asking a series of open ended questions and then letting the prospect talk.

4.  Actively Listen

Now that you have the prospect talking, top earners understand that they have one primary responsibility:  to listen.  I don’t mean listen for a break in the conversation to make your next point or redirect the conversation to yourself.  I mean really listen.  Actively listen and learn about the person and what is important to them.  This is critical to your MLM prospecting efforts.

5.  It’s More Important to be Interested than Interesting

This simply means that you let them talk and then show genuine interest in what they are saying versus taking control of the conversation and telling them all about you.

6.  Have a 30 Second Commercial On Your Business

In the event the prospect asks what you do, your MLM prospecting strategy should always include a quick message that you can deliver in a short and sweet manner.  You should take the time to write a 30 second commercial and then commit it to memory.  The more you say it, the more effortlessly you message delivery will be.  You want your 30 second commercial to roll off your tongue as easily as your name does.

7.  Have A Planned Exit Strategy

Sometimes after hearing your 30 second commercial, the prospect will ask for more details on your business.  Top earners know that you never want to be forced into giving a business presentation on the spot, so have a planned exit strategy.  My exit strategy is always, “I would love to continue chatting, but I’m in a hurry to get to an appointment.”  Once you say this, the prospect won’t keep pressing you for details because they know you have someplace to go.

I always end the conversation with my “new friend” by saying, do you have a card?  The prospect will feel more comfortable if you ask for their business card rather than their personal phone number.  If they have asked for more information on your business, tell them that you’ll be happy to follow up with them and provide additional details.

If they don’t ask for more information on your business, you should still follow up with an email or phone call just to say that you enjoyed meeting and talking to them.  You may find that after you build more rapport, they may be more open to hearing about your business.  The worst thing that will happen is you make a new acquaintance (who may refer you to someone else.)

Remember MLM prospecting is about meeting people and establishing rapport.  Recruiting is where you take them through the steps of getting information on your company and watching a business overview.  Prospecting precedes recruiting and usually they usually don’t happen on the same day.  If you master MLM prospecting you’ll be on your well on your way to success in the MLM industry.

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