The Facts on Javita – Can It Work?

JavitaWhy Read This Javita Overview?

You’re probably reading this Javita review because you are looking to diversify your income or maybe to achieve financial freedom.  Perhaps you are already in the direct sales industry but looking for a new company to partner with.

Either way, you’ll want to read this review before making a decision about whether this is the opportunity for you.

 Company Overview

Javita is based in Boca Raton, FL and began operations in 2011.  The company was started by a group of  people who wanted to incorporate their love for coffee with an opportunity in the direct sales industry. 

In April 2011, promotion of the company began, along with the  products and business opportunity via social media. They ran a marketing campaign called “Reserve Your Cup” to get the word out on their new company and direct sales opportunity.

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Product Overview

Javita has developed a line of instant gourmet coffees.  What is unique about their coffee products is that they are 100% natural and blended with herbs.  So in addition to drinking coffee, you can enjoy the health benefits that come from ingesting the natural herbs.



 Compensation Plan

The company’s compensation plan is based on retail sales of  coffee by both representatives and the members of the team that they develop. The Javita compensation plan allows representatives to earn money from ten different sources.  Some of the income can be earned immediately while other sources of income are more long-term. 

Immediate income is earned on retail sales made by the distributor and the long-term income is generated on the monthly product reorders. Here are some of the other ways that representatives can earn income and bonuses:

  • Fast starts bonuses
  • Team commission bonuses
  • Top enroller bonuses
  • Star bonuses
  • Vacations and car allowances

What It Takes To Succeed In Javita

Javita is a viable business and since they are still so new, only time will tell as to whether the company will succeed. In order for you to succeed, you will need to not only develop a retail customer base, but you’ll also need to recruit other people to do the same.

Additionally, developing your leadership skills and becoming knowledgeable about the MLM industry will also be necessary so that you can help your team members earn the leadership positions in in the company.

What The Javita Leaders Won’t Tell You

Reps are still being told to use very traditional network marketing recruiting methods which primarily include offline marketing strategies.  The challenge most reps will face is they will quickly exhaust their personal contact list and then they are faced with the problem of who else they can recruit.  When this happens, most people see a sudden slowdown in their businesses.

The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you have an even flow of  INTERESTED people who you can share your business with.  If you don’t have a constant flow of prospects, it won’t be long before you’ll be out of business.  To avoid running out of prospects, I learned to use online marketing and recruiting strategies to build my network marketing business.

Interested in Generating Leads For Your Javita Business?

Learning the strategies that I teach other network marketers to build their businesses will greatly enhance your chances for success with Javita.  I teach people to use Internet marketing strategies and techniques to generate their own leads.  I highly recommend that you incorporate online marketing into your business building efforts; you’ll be glad that you did.

Check out my Online Marketing and Lead Generation Program to learn more about the Internet marketing system that I use to build my own business.  This system has provided me with an unlimited number of people to talk to who are actually looking for a home business.

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