An Independent Review of Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring you are reading this review, it’s probably safe to say you have heard about Magnetic Sponsoring and you’re doing your research to find out what it’s all about and whether it’s worth purchasing.

Well that’s exactly where I found myself about two years ago when I was looking for a way to expand my MLM business online.  I wanted to learn how to use the Internet to build my business so that I could have a way to find additional prospects that I could share my network marketing opportunity with.

As I searched the Internet for information about online marketing, I kept running across ads for “Magnetic Sponsoring.”  I’m just a believer that when you keep seeing the same thing over and over again, it’s worth checking out so I took the plunge and purchased my copy.

Simple Concepts

As soon as I downloaded my copy of this 78 page e-book, I read it in one night.  The one thing that I really liked about Magnetic Sponsoring was that Mike Dillard tells his story and you realize he started off broke, implemented the concepts that he outlines in the e-book and turned his entire MLM business around.  None of what he teaches is difficult and all of the concepts are relatively simple to implement.

In his e-book, Mike Dillard describes the concept of “attraction marketing” and how to put it to work to generate leads online.  I have to tell you that what he teaches just makes sense.  I remember thinking that what he was teaching was so simple, that it should have been obvious to me.

Sometimes we get so caught up looking for the “secret formula” or thinking online marketing must be very complicated, that we miss the obvious.  Magnetic Sponsoring gives you the step by step formula to follow to start generating your own leads, at no cost to you.

Make Money When People Say No

He also teaches you a way to earn income from people that look at your network marketing opportunity, but decide not to join.  When I read this and understood how to use it, I knew I was on to something.  Why?  When you have sixteen years of experience in network marketing (like I do), you have talked to a lot of people most of whom have said no to joining my primary company.

After reading the e-book, I had a strategy that I could use in the future for those who said no to my MLM business.  Magnetic Sponsoring taught me how to make money from the large group of prospects that said no to joining my primary company, and I’ve been using this strategy successfully for two years now.  This concept alone and how to implement it was well worth the cost of the e-book.

Generate Money for Your Marketing Efforts

In Magnetic Sponsoring, he describes a situation that most MLM leaders will face; you or your team members will run out of money to promote your network marketing business.  Generally when this happens, most people quit.  Mike Dillard teaches you how to use a simple product to provide you with money that you can use to fund the marketing efforts for your primary business.


Mike Dillard opened my eyes about how to successfully market online and generate my own no-cost leads.  Since purchasing the ebook, I have been marketing online and now have an endless supply of leads.  If you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth purchasing, I say absolutely. This product gets two thumbs up.  Go ahead and get your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring here and then implement the strategies that you learn.

All the best,

Rhonda Jordan



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