How Magnetic Sponsoring Exploded My MLM Business!

Prior to Magnetic Sponsoring…


How Magnetic Sponsoring Exploded My BusinessMy MLM business was doing OK by some people’s standards, but I wanted more.  I wanted to have a network marketing business that was booming and would allow me to reach the top of my company.  I knew that the only way to do that was to have an endless supply of leads so that I would always have prospects to share my business with.

So I took to the Internet and started searching for a way to get MLM leads in an effort to find prospects.

Who’s The Guy Behind Magnetic Sponsoring?

 It didn’t take me long before I discovered a guy by the name of Mike Dillard.  He was a guy that had been in MLM for several years and although he went to training regularly, attended all the company events and read several books, he had no success.

I started to read about Mike and quickly discovered that his story was similar to that of many of the reps I had recruited over the years. The difference though was Mike Dillard had cracked the code on having an endless supply of prospects and helping MLM’ers make money from the people who were not interested in joining their network marketing businesses. When Mike implemented the things he learned, his business took-off.

I went on to learn that Mike had outlined his story and discovery in an e-book called Magnetic SponsoringFrom the information that I read on Mike, I was intrigued to say the least.  Actually, I was chomping at the bit to find out what this guy knew that I didn’t and I was willing to pay the small investment to get my hands on his e-book.  Hey, success leaves clues…so I bought the e-book.

What’s The Big Deal About Magnetic Sponsoring?

I downloaded Magnetic Sponsoring and read the book in a couple of hours.  What I loved about it was that it talked about things that 99% of all network marketers experience, so I could relate to it.  What was most impressive was the book gave you solutions on how to find prospects using a concept called “attraction marketing.”  The other thing it did was talk about how to make money from the prospects that tell you no.  These two concepts alone were worth the price of the e-book!

Having been in MLM for more than thirteen (13) years at the time, I knew that if most people who joined network marketing companies could learn these two things they would have a much better chance at succeeding in the industry.


How Has Magnetic Sponsoring Helped Me?

The first thing I did was re-read the book and then I immediately took action to implement the new information that I had learned.  Since buying Magnetic Sponsoring in June 2010, I no longer do cold calls and have prospects contacting me daily.  From the concepts that I learned in the e-book, I am now generating my own leads versus buying leads and the prospects are interested in talking to me and very receptive to my calls.

The biggest challenge that I have is that I now have lots of prospects and sometimes cannot get to them as quickly as I would like.  I can tell you, it’s a great problem to have!  The best part is even if they say no to joining my company, I still win because I now know how to make money from prospects who decide not to join me.

I now recommend this e-book to all of the leaders on my team and I’ve seen a dramatic difference in how they approach their businesses and the number of prospects they now have in their pipelines.  My advice to you is “Buy Magnetic Sponsoring.”  You won’t be disappointed.

Wishing you massive success,


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