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Why You Need A MLM Blog

Why You Need A MLM Blog you want to generate leads online, start a MLM blog.  Think about it, all of the top earners in network marketing have blogs.  Why, because they know the power of having their own piece of real estate on the Internet.

I’m a firm believer that success leaves clues so if the top earners have blogs, you should too.  Even if you are brand new to multi-level marketing and just beginning to build an organization, you need a blog. Read more

Jim Rohn: The Magic Of Part Time

The Magic of Part Time

For those of you that don’t know, Jim Rohn was an incredible trainer, mentor and life coach.  He was a network marketing professional and trained many people on various MLM topics. If you haven’t had a chance to hear this particular training, take the time to listen.  You’ll be glad you did!



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The MLM Recruiting Process

RecruitingMLM Recruiting Is Necessary

In MLM, recruiting is a necessity if you want to succeed in the industry.  There is no way around this. Many people who join network marketing companies don’t fully understand this concept.  Selling only the products or services will not get you to the top of your company.

The heavy hitters and top earners in the network marketing industry are successful because they have built large teams.  You have to become good at recruiting in order to build a large team.  If you want to make a significant income and achieve a top position in your company, you must master the MLM recruiting process. Read more

How To Promote Events

Rhonda JordanWhat’s An Event?

To be successful  in network  marketing, you must master how to promote events.  Most people underestimate the power of events and their businesses suffer as a result. In order to understand the importance of events, you should know what I consider an event.

An event is any type of conference call, presentation, training, webinar or gathering of representatives that is bigger than you. Events allow prospects to see more of the company and opportunity. Read more

Three Way Calls: How To Use Them To Explode Your Business

Do you want to learn how to explode your business?


If so, incorporate the use of three-way calls into your recruiting process and watch your business MLM business grow.  Watch this video to learn how to use three-way calls and why they work.



So now that you know how to use three way calls, all you need are prospects.  Learn how to have unlimited prospects.

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The 7 Steps Of An Effective MLM Presentation

If you are a MLM professional, being able to do an effective MLM presentation is a necessity.  Regardless of the company that you are in, you’ll want to include the following seven (7) steps in your presentation in order to make it effective.  Leave any of these steps out and you will reduce your ability to close the prospects that are viewing your presentation.


The introduction is designed to edify or provide information about the speaker to the prospects.  During the introduction, the speaker’s accomplishments should be highlighted.  Include information about their professional background and success that they have had in your MLM company.

Additionally, make sure that you incorporate information that will appeal to the 4 Personality Types in the introduction.  You’ll want to make reference to the fact that the speaker is knowledgeable, enjoys helping people, loves to have fun and is making money (or is positioned to make money) via the company compensation plan.  Finally, make sure to request that cell phones are set to silent or turned off so as not to disturb the presentation.  The introduction should take no more than 2-3 minutes. Read more

The 4 Personality Types

If you are a network marketer, one of the most important things that you can learn are the 4 personality types and how to identify and work with them.  So many people begin MLM businesses, but don’t understand that you have to learn to work with all different types of people. 

Also, people are driven by certain things and what motivates you, may not motivate the people that you will work with and prospect as potential business partners.  I find that so many network marketers don’t understand the dynamics of the personality types and as a result, their businesses suffer.  I make it a point of teaching my leadership team this information very early on because it helps them with prospecting and recruiting as well as developing their leaders. 

I want you to succeed so this post is designed to help you learn this information so that you can put it to use.  I’m sure that if you are like most of the people that I’ve taught this to, it will have a major impact on your business.  So let’s get started… Read more

The Keys To MLM Success

Want To Be A MLM Success?

During my 15 year MLM career, I have been asked this question numerous times “What are the keys to MLM success?”  Well, I’ve given this a good amount of thought over the years and have come up with five things that will help you succeed in the mlm industry.

MLM Success1)  You need a mentor – Find a network marketing professional that is willing to mentor you.  By having a mentor, you’ll be able to learn the system that they used in order to become successful. Having a mentor will shorten your MLM success learning curve if you are willing to follow their advice.

You should also be aware that a mentor’s job is not to be your friend.  Their job is to develop you therefore they are going to tell you what you need to know not what you want to hear.  Be prepared to accept constructive criticism.

Read more