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Three Way Calls: How To Use Them To Explode Your Business

Do you want to learn how to explode your business?


If so, incorporate the use of three-way calls into your recruiting process and watch your business MLM business grow.  Watch this video to learn how to use three-way calls and why they work.



So now that you know how to use three way calls, all you need are prospects.  Learn how to have unlimited prospects.

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5 MLM Books For Serious Network Marketers


Click the links below to get more information on the MLM books mentioned in the video:


Your First Year In Network Marketing

The Greatest Networker In The World

Street Smart Network Marketing

Beach Money

How To Build A Multi Level Money Machine

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MLM Tips: Launch Meeting

I make sure that all new reps have a business launch meeting within 24-48 hours of starting their businesses.  The meeting is designed to help your new partner get off to a good start.  If you have not been doing a launch meeting with your new partners, that may be the reason why they are not getting off to a fast start.

A launch meeting is a MUST, so I want to explain what I do when I conduct one.  During this meeting I:

Find out the new partner’s WHY:

A WHY is their reason for starting a network marketing business and one of the single most important details that you gather during the launch meeting.  Many times they will tell you that it’s to earn more money, but you have to find out the real reason.  What they will do with the money is their true reason WHY.  It may be to save for college, to replace income that was lost as the result of a company downsizing, to save for retirement, etc.  Ask open ended questions to discover their reason WHY. Read more