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Avon Representative Thinking About Becoming An Avon Representative?

If you are reading this review, you are probably thinking about becoming an Avon representative.  If so, read this entire review before you make a final decision to join.  I should also mention that I am not affiliated with the company, so the review that you will read is completely independent.

This review will cover an overview of the company, marketing strategy and compensation plan and provide you with information on what it takes to succeed if you want to learn how to sell Avon.

If you are already an Avon representative,  find out how to Get more leads for your Avon business. The Avon History

Avon has been offering the opportunity for women to be CEO’s of their own company for 125 years and has a goal of bringing beauty to women. The company was founded in 1886 by David H. McConnell who wanted to give women the opportunity to build and run their own company and earn income for themselves. 

This was a radical idea during the 19th century because during this time only 20% of the women in the United States worked outside of the home. The business concept developed by David McConnell later became known as direct sales.


What Is Direct Sales?

Direct sales is a distribution model whereby goods and services are sold to the ultimate consumer of the products.  This business model has been around for years and is very effective because it relies on word of mouth advertising- the most effective means of advertising used by companies.

Also, because direct sales is very flexible (you set your own hours) it is very attractive to busy moms, working moms, stay at home moms and women in general that are looking for income but don’t want to take on a job.

Avon Representative

How Is Avon Sold?

The company uses the direct sales model to sell Avon products.  Initially Avon products were sold door-to-door via the familiar Avon lady, then it evolved into being sold at work to co-workers and friends.  Today you can find the familiar Avon catalog in doctors’ offices, your company break room, etc. 

Additionally, you can also find the Avon catalog online for people who prefer to shop via the Internet.  Having an Avon party is also an effective means of  marketing your products.


What Does Avon Sell?

As an Avon representative, you have the opportunity to market a variety of products such as cosmetics, skin care, fragrances, personal care (Skin-So-Soft), hair care and even jewelry.


Compensation Overview

As an Avon representative, you can earn income in two ways:

1) via your personal retail sales and

2) via the company’s Sales Leadership program where you recruit other people who are also interested in selling Avon

You will make more money via your Avon business by both selling and recruiting other people because you are then getting paid on other people’s efforts in addition to your own.

 To Succeed In Avon

Avon is a good company and has helped many women earn additional income.  If you decide to join Avon or are already a representative, your success with the company will depend on your ability to find customers and other women interested in becoming an Avon representative.

The best way to do this is by incorporating online marketing into your business building strategy.  By using the Internet, you can find more customers and potential prospects interested in earning income through Avon.

Most people who join Avon will have limited success because their business building activities are strictly offline.  You will always have more success by learning to brand yourself online thereby expanding your personal recruiting base. 

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