A Solavei Review From an Unbiased Third Party

A Solavei Review From An Unbiased Third Party

Rhonda JordanIf you are reading this article, you are probably gathering information on Solavei possibly because you are considering joining the company as a representative.  If so, you have come to the right place.

I’ll use my 16 years of experience in network marketing to provide a review of the company.  This Solavei review will provide you with information on the company, founders, products and compensation plan.

What is Solavei?

Solavei is a MLM company based in Bellevue, WA which combines social media with cell phone service.  The company began operations in 2012 and is led by former telecom executive Ryan Wuerch who is the founder and CEO.  They operate as a mobile virtual network operation under a partnership with T-Mobile using their 4G network.

Solavei uses social media and word of mouth advertising to allow their customers to earn discounted or free cell phone service or to earn monthly income by telling others about the income opportunity.

Solavei’s Product

The company offers a mobile application that provides contract-free mobile service and pays consumers for adding new members.  A person can become a customer by either using a compatible phone or purchasing one from the company.  The phones start at $159 and the phone service is $49/month which includes unlimited voice, text and data.

Solavei also has an app that is currently available for Android phones which allows you to enroll customers, check on your customers and track commissions.


Solavei Compensation Plan

The company pays $20.00/month on every Trio (three mobile customers) signed by a member or someone in their network.  Once a member  has more than three Trios, they will earn a profit since the income earned will exceed their cell phone bill.

Additionally, members earn Fast Action Bonuses for Trios they personally enroll during their first 60 days of joining.  Solavei members earn higher monthly payouts (Path Pay) as they grow their networks and earn promotions. Currently, there are five (5) positions and each position has three “bands” or levels.  As you move from one band to another, you’ll also earn a one-time payout call a “Path Bonus.”

 Solavei Review Summary

Solavei has a solid concept and a good product combined with a management team that has experience in the telecommunications industry.  The fact that they have chosen network marketing as the business model to grow their customer base will help them expand their customer base. For those individuals that partner with the company and grow their networks, this can definitely be a viable business.  One key element that will determine your success will be your ability to find partners to help build your network.

Building Your Solavei Business

You’ll find more business partners if you incorporate some proven business building strategies.  I highly suggest that you use Attraction Marketing as a way to find more partners.  By using Attraction Marketing, you’ll learn how to incorporate online strategies to generate your own leads.

If you incorporate online marketing and attraction marketing, you’ll greatly improve your chance at success with Solavei and will learn how to get more reps.


I trust that this Solavei review will help you make an informed decision about whether to join the company and if this is the opportunity for you.

To your success,




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