The 7 Steps Of An Effective MLM Presentation

If you are a MLM professional, being able to do an effective MLM presentation is a necessity.  Regardless of the company that you are in, you’ll want to include the following seven (7) steps in your presentation in order to make it effective.  Leave any of these steps out and you will reduce your ability to close the prospects that are viewing your presentation.


The introduction is designed to edify or provide information about the speaker to the prospects.  During the introduction, the speaker’s accomplishments should be highlighted.  Include information about their professional background and success that they have had in your MLM company.

Additionally, make sure that you incorporate information that will appeal to the 4 Personality Types in the introduction.  You’ll want to make reference to the fact that the speaker is knowledgeable, enjoys helping people, loves to have fun and is making money (or is positioned to make money) via the company compensation plan.  Finally, make sure to request that cell phones are set to silent or turned off so as not to disturb the presentation.  The introduction should take no more than 2-3 minutes.

 Your Story

Once you have been properly introduced, you must relate to your audience.  As part of an effective MLM presentation, one of the first things you should do is tell your story. The purpose of telling your story is to relate to the guests and get them to see that you are an average person just like them that had a desire to improve the quality of your life.

You should include challenges that you faced (i.e. lack of time, money or both) because you want to show the guests that you were looking for something to improve your situation.  Also, sharing your challenges makes you more real to the guests and gets them to say “me too.”

You’ll further state that the opportunity was presented to you in a similar format as they are seeing it, that it made sense to you, you got started and took action.  Now as a result of your decision and taking action, you are having success with your company.  Tell your story in a concise format taking 5 minutes or less.

Company & Industry

When you get to this part of the presentation, it’s important for people to know that the company is solid and stable.  Discuss the reported earnings and any accolades that the company has received.  Cite publications, news stories and third party sources that highlight your company’s success.

If your company has been featured in any magazines, make sure to have copies available for people to review.  An effective MLM presentation will assure people that you are representing a solid company with a tremendous success record. 

When discussing the industry, focus on size and expected growth.  For example, if you represent a health and wellness company you can mention the rise in obesity, rising health care costs and cite health statistics. If you market telecom, energy or other similar products you want to discuss the rate at which these industries are growing, the fact that everyone uses the services and that the bills can’t be paid off. 

Spend about 5 minutes on this portion of the presentation.


Products or Services

The portion of the presentation focuses on the products or services that your company markets.  Mention the highlights of your products.  Don’t get too technical at explaining the product. Focus less on the features and more on the benefits.  This is a great time to do tastings, demonstrations and testimonials. This portion of the presentation should take about 5-10 minutes.

Compensation Plan

During this portion of the presentation, you are going to explain the highlights of the compensation plan.  You’ll discuss things such as residual income, creating leverage by incorporating the efforts of other people, quick start bonuses, weekly, monthly and annual bonuses as well as car allowances, etc.

An effective MLM presentation will have those individuals that are money motivated sitting on the edge of their seats if the information is presented properly. Spend a little more time on the compensation plan because for many people, they decided to attend because they wanted to learn how to earn extra income.

I highly recommend that you incorporate testimonials into this portion of the presentation, right after you explain the compensation plan.  The testimonials should be done by representatives that have had success with the company.  The reps should keep their testimonials short (2-3 minutes) and discuss their background prior to starting with the company and success that they’ve had since partnering with the company.

Testimonials are very important because “stories sell” and guests can relate to the stories. Plan to spend approximately 15-20 minutes on the compensation plan.


The part of the presentation is designed to show people that even if they’ve never done anything like this before, they can have success by using the training system. Talk about how they will receive their training (one on one, conference call, online, local, regional and national meetings) as well as how often training is available.  People need to know that they will not be alone in their new business venture and that they can be successful.  Spend about 5-10 minutes on this portion of the presentation.


The close is designed to invite people to join your company.  It’s a call to action to ask the guests to make a decision about whether they want to partner with you and your company. An effective MLM presentation will “paint a visual picture” for the guests of what their life could look like after a few years of building a successful business with your company. 

I personally don’t use a hard close, but I do believe in pointing out to people that there is no such thing as job security. I also state that the likelihood of retiring from a job wealthy is very slim.  I discuss the lack of time that many people struggle with and state that by building a business they can get their time back.

The close should take about 5-10 minutes.  You should also evaluate the effectiveness of your MLM presentation based on the number of people that decide to join.

Wrap Up

As you can see, an effective MLM presentation is strategically designed to provide information in a logical, easy to understand format and then invite the guests to partner with you.  The full presentation will take about 45-60 minutes if you are doing a group presentation and less time if you are doing a one on one or two on one meeting. Incorporate these steps and you’ll have lots of people joining you in business.

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