5 Tips For MLM Newbies

Tips For MLM Newbies

If you are new to MLM, I’d like to congratulate you on your decision to become a network marketing professional.  Many people that join a MLM company often jump in without knowing much about the profession and virtually nothing about what it takes to be successful.  I have 16 years of experience in network marketing and would like to provide you with five (5) tips for MLM success.

Learn about the profession

It is critical that you learn about the network marketing profession.  Most people that get started in MLM never take the time to learn about our profession.  They simply jump in without any knowledge and hope for the best.  It’s ok to jump in but take some time to gain some knowledge about MLM. 

Find out who the top earners are and learn what tips for MLM they can offer.  Learn how long it takes the average person to become profitable, replace their income and get to the top of their companies.

Find a mentor

It’s important to find a mentor.  Your learning curve in MLM will be shortened if you have someone that can guide your progress and teach you what does and doesn’t work.  Your mentor should be someone that has done what you want to do and is willing to coach you.

When you find a mentor, be coachable.  If you aren’t willing to follow the advice of you mentor, don’t waste their time. Do what they tell you they did to be successful.  Your mentor’s tips for MLM success can drastically shorten the length of time it takes for you to get to the top of your company if you follow them.

Learn the 2 or 3 things that you need to do to succeed

In MLM, we are “masters of the mundane.”  We do the same few things over and over again and that’s what makes us successful.  Find out from your mentor what two (2) or three (3) things you should do consistently to earn a top position. Most people that are new to the network marketing profession are surprised to find out, that there is power in repetition of a few simple actions done over a consistent period of time.

Be consistent and persistent

When I look at the actions of most new network marketers I often see that they are not consistent with their actions nor are they persistent.  They will do the things it takes to succeed for a week and then take a week off.  Start again for a week and take two weeks off.  That is not a recipe for success; that’s a recipe for failure in MLM.

Additionally, many new MLMers are not persistent.  They haven’t yet developed the mindset that you must keep going, keep asking people to be your customer, keep recruiting, etc. One of the dominant traits of successful network marketing professionals is they have developed the mentality that Og Mandino describes which is “I will persist until I succeed.”

 Don’t Quit

Of all the tips for MLM success, this is probably the most important; don’t quit and don’t ever give up.  Network marketing is tough but worth it.  You will learn a great deal about yourself and other people.  Most people quit because they realize they will ask to do things that take them outside of their comfort zone or because they have microwave mentality.

Success doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t easy but it is possible.  Remind yourself often that if others have succeeded, so can you.  For those of you that are interested in becoming top producers, follow the 5 tips for MLM success outlined above and you can get to the top of your company.

All the best,

Rhonda Jordan


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