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Three Way Calls: How To Use Them To Explode Your Business

Do you want to learn how to explode your business?


If so, incorporate the use of three-way calls into your recruiting process and watch your business MLM business grow.  Watch this video to learn how to use three-way calls and why they work.



So now that you know how to use three way calls, all you need are prospects.  Learn how to have unlimited prospects.

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Social Media Made Easy

Social Media DVD'sFor 14 years, I built my network marketing business almost exclusively offline.  Last year,  I finally decided it was time to learn more about how I could use social media to help me build my business. Like most people, I have a Facebook account and I Tweet a little, but I had no idea how much social media could help me to build my business.

I kept hearing about how people were getting leads and growing businesses just by using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube so I decided it was time for me to learn more.

I have a mentor that has really mastered online marketing so when I heard he was going to be teaching a 4 week webinar, I immediately registered to take his course. The mentor that I am referring to is Dwayne Johnson. He has used online methods to build a very successful business and I was happy that he was willing to share some of his most closely guarded business building secrets.

So in November 2010, I took the course and began my journey to learn how to use social media for business.  I figured even if I walked away with one or two ideas that would help me build my home based business, the course would pay for itself. Well, not only did I learn a few things, I learned a lot!

To name a few, I learned proper business acumen on social media sites, what to say and what not to say when posting on Facebook or Twitter, how to properly brand myself and how to move from asking for business to attracting business.  I am grateful that I took this class and avoided making so many of the rookie mistakes that many people marketing online make. Read more

Why a Home Based Business Makes Dollars and Sense

Don’t Just Listen To Me!


Hear from Sandy Botkin, CPA & Esq. on why having a home based (network marketing) business makes dollars and sense.


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How would you like to have more leads than you can handle?


The 7 Steps Of An Effective MLM Presentation

If you are a MLM professional, being able to do an effective MLM presentation is a necessity.  Regardless of the company that you are in, you’ll want to include the following seven (7) steps in your presentation in order to make it effective.  Leave any of these steps out and you will reduce your ability to close the prospects that are viewing your presentation.


The introduction is designed to edify or provide information about the speaker to the prospects.  During the introduction, the speaker’s accomplishments should be highlighted.  Include information about their professional background and success that they have had in your MLM company.

Additionally, make sure that you incorporate information that will appeal to the 4 Personality Types in the introduction.  You’ll want to make reference to the fact that the speaker is knowledgeable, enjoys helping people, loves to have fun and is making money (or is positioned to make money) via the company compensation plan.  Finally, make sure to request that cell phones are set to silent or turned off so as not to disturb the presentation.  The introduction should take no more than 2-3 minutes. Read more