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This is MLM Not Corporate America!

I worked in corporate America for 17 years in various management positions in accounting, finance and even sales. Additionally, I’ve been involved in the MLM industry for 15 years, so I’ve been on both sides of the fence so to speak.  Here’s the reality, MLM and corporate America are very different!

One of the things that I find myself saying a lot is “This is MLM not corporate America.”  I say this often because so many people who join our industry are accustomed to working a job and adapting to the philosophy that exists in many companies.  They have what I refer to as “job mentality.” 

Let me be clear I’m not knocking  jobs, just merely pointing out that there is a big difference between working for someone else and running your own MLM business.  To be successful in our industry you must adapt to the culture that exists in network marketing which is very different from corporate America. Read more